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The impact of the Coronavirus on supply chains has been rapid, and it's affected businesses worldwide. Connecting digitally has been vital to minimize disruption.


Cloud-based strategic sourcing platform, Scanmarket has been helping its customers to manage their businesses during the pandemic and to become more efficient while reducing future risk.

Scanmarket is a global provider of strategic sourcing software for hundreds of organizations around the world. Since the COVID-19 crisis, we've seen a shift in attitudes to negotiating and a new willingness to embrace the online marketplace.

“The impact on the businesses has been huge, and Scanmarket has helped our clients digitalize their processes and create awareness and transparency in order for them to be able to mitigate the risks that they’re facing,” said Scanmarket’s CEO Betina Nygaard.

For Scanmarket, transparency and data awareness are the keys to helping businesses thrive. Scanmarket CEO Betina Nygaard says, “The expensive part is the change management part, and it has actually been done cheaper than it would have been pre-COVID.”

Data analysis, efficiency, and transparency is really the center of everything we do. The better we get at doing that, the better we will become at forecasting and mitigating risks and optimizing our processes to make good informed decisions in the future.

Henrik Leerberg - Chief Marketing Officer
Henrik Leerberg - Chief Marketing Officer
As Scanmarket's Chief Marketing Officer Henrik oversees all marketing activities globally by fueling growth and creating value for both existing and new customers. Henrik has worked in software and electronics businesses throughout his entire career, operating in B2B markets. With more than 25 years of leadership experience from a range of software companies, Henrik has built a solid foundation for a broad business understanding within all aspects from engineering over marketing and sales to administration. Henrik holds degrees in Marketing and Business Administration and in Electrical Engineering.

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