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Scanmarket is the kind of software company where focus is on making sure our customers are successful in achieving their business goals. This is true across Sales, Marketing, Development, Consultancy and Operations.

This focus on our customers is what has made Scanmarket successful over the last twenty years and will guide our strategy into the future.

In this second part of 'Meet the Scanmarket Team" we’d like to introduce you to Dan Gianfreda and Glenn Danielsen.

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Dan Gianfreda - Director of Sales (UK) and Account Management, Europe

Dan Gianfreda - Director of Sales (UK) - Account Management (Europe)Dan’s job really boils down to one thing: making sure Scanmarket’s customers are getting the right combination of technology, support and expertise to reach their business goals through the Scanmarket eSourcing platform. In Dan’s view, the single most important aspect of Scanmarket’s quest is to maximize ROI for the customer.

This comes through relentlessly and creatively driving usage and throughput through the customer’s eSourcing program by providing the right kinds of intelligence, expertise and support, sometimes even before the customer realizes they need it. What Dan loves most about Scanmarket is the company’s dedication to what happens after the sale.

Compared to your “typical” software company, we spend an extraordinary amount of our focus, resources and executive attention on truly driving customer success, post-sale, as opposed to pre-sale. We are also extremely flexible, and therefore responsive to our customers’ evolving needs through a combination of a small chain-of-command, Agile Development with three-week software sprints, and executive attention.

One example of this focus is Scanmarket’s unique ability to collect, synthesize, interpret and share eSourcing strategy and tactics. The combination of Scanmarket’s internal expertise and its unique ability to listen and learn from 300+ global eSourcing organization manifests itself in a substantial amount of knowledge-sharing through learning sessions, strategy booklets, eAuction trend reports and countless others.

When Dan isn’t helping customers achieve their eSourcing goals, he spends his time with his young family in the UK. His greatest passion is great food (and great wine).

Glenn Danielsen - Director of Strategic Alliances

Glenn Danielsen

As is true with most of the people at Scanmarket, Glenn’s role is not limited to his title. Being a 12+ year veteran at Scanmarket, Glenn has had numerous positions in Operations, Consultancy and Sales. These various roles have provided Glenn the opportunity for many diverse experiences in different disciplines, geographies, and teams. According to Glenn he has "been able to learn from everywhere and define my own role” based on what’s best for our customers."

This flexibility means to Glenn that he’s had a more substantial impact on the company and its success than he might have had in another environment where you typically have a fixed role and tasks.

In his role managing alliances, Glenn is responsible for finding, evaluating and implementing new partnerships and channels. The most challenging (and rewarding) part of this is communicating with clients, partners and team members to make sure everyone understands each partnership, what its role is within the broader Scanmarket platform, and why it matters.

"What I Iove about Scanmarket is the relentless customer focus. As a strategy, Scanmarket would rather under-promise and over-deliver for its customers, which is not something frequently found in the procurement software industry. In addition, Scanmarket’s short chain-of-command means there is an openness to trying new things. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could” is a statement that’s taken seriously inside the company and can easily get the attention of senior management and lead to new ways of doing things."

In his time off, Glenn loves traveling with his young family, both to the nearby beaches of Denmark and more broadly throughout Europe and the world.

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