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We're excited to welcome a new customer to the Scanmarket family - Flügger


                                Flügger is an international company specialized in paint and wallpaper.
                                Flügger was founded in 1783 in Hamburg, but was acquired in 1948 by its
                                Danish director, and has been a Danish company since.

                               Today, Flügger employs approximately 1.500 people and has six factories located
                               across four different countries. We are excited to welcome this great company to
                               our family and look forward to helping them optimize their sourcing processes.

                               Key focus areas include; optimizing Supplier on-boarding processes and better
                               management of their existing supply base. Also, we will focus on speeding up and
                               unifying the eRFx processes of drafting, launching and evaluating eRFx events.


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