WEBINAR: 2020 Global eAuction Index

    Uncover global eAuction savings, volume, geographic distribution, and category performance with Scanmarket's Chief Commercial Officer and statistics expert, Henrik Balslev as he takes you through the findings of the 2020 Global eAuction Index.

    The Global eAuction Index (GEI) is an industry report on eAuctions performed on the Scanmarket platform covering global eAuction savings, volume, geographic distribution, category performance, and other insights into categories and subcategories of procurement. Among a client base of more than 350 organizations worldwide, these unique statistics provide procurement professionals insights into the world of eAuctions and latest trends. 

    This webinar is aimed at all procurement professionals who wish to better understand and optimize their business to achieve higher savings and efficiencies through eAuctions. Register for the 2020 Global eAuction Index Webinar here or click below.

    eAuction webinar

    Henrik Balslev - Chief Commercial Officer
    Henrik Balslev - Chief Commercial Officer
    Henrik Balslev is responsible for the overall delivery of consultancy and customer services in Europe. In addition to managing many of Scanmarket’s largest customer accounts, Henrik has lead responsibility for sales in the Nordic countries.

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