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It is time to let words come to action. We must all step up to the responsibility we have, human-to-human, to prevent a collapse of our hospitals, protect our elderly and those in poor health.

Let's do the opposite of what it hopes we will do

We know the enemy virus loves big crowds. The more the merrier! A big crowd gives it absolute top conditions to spread and get even stronger. Let’s do everything we can to exterminate this threat to our health and society. Let’s do the exact opposite of what it hopes we will do. Let’s not crowd together at all!

At Scanmarket we are taking all measures to fulfill our responsibility, doing our part. Therefore, we have asked all employees to work from home and avoid any kind of travelling.

BUT we also have an obligation to your (and our) business, to make sure that this will not mean loss of jobs because employers go out of business. We have to make sure that we keep our businesses going and keep the wheels turning. This is truly a tightrope.

How we can help!

Scanmarket can and will make sure that our employees and their families are safe! But we will also make sure that we do everything we can to help the buyers out there, who are stuck in a limbo between having to finish ongoing negotiations and keep their business running, but cannot meet their suppliers face to face.

Our team is ready to help, so let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Negotiating online, sourcing online, communicating with your suppliers online is still possible and we will do everything we can to keep your business running.

For more information on how we can help you overcome your challenges, please contact your Scanmarket Account Manager or visit us here.

Betina Nygaard - CEO Scanmarket A/S
Betina Nygaard - CEO Scanmarket A/S
Betina Nygaard is the CEO of SCANMARKET. Betina leads the sales, product development, and operations functions for the company as well as guiding the company’s overall strategy and vision.

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