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We all need to try new things from time to time – even in Strategic Sourcing!

Let’s face it… Sometimes even driving savings upon savings can start to seem routine. Even if you’re getting 10%+ savings on every eAuction, it’s still fun to try something new. It’s also an accepted fact that introducing new categories, players, approaches and strategies help improve savings rates.

Below are some of the best tactics we’ve seen to “shake things up” and add some spice to your procurement life:

  • Find a new stakeholder
  • Try a new category
  • Explore a new tool or feature
  • Test a different auction format
  • Find a new friend

1.Find a new stakeholder to help

One of the best parts of working in procurement is that you get to interact with all parts of your organization. As a challenge, pick a department or location that you haven’t worked with much in the past and then find a spend owner with whom you’ve never worked. If you introduce yourself as an additional resource for them to get their job done, you’ll be surprised how much success you’ll have.

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2. Try a new category

This is the most obvious of “new” approaches but that’s for a good reason. There are many stories about the amazing results to be had when you first apply eSourcing techniques to a new area. Check out our Savings Snapshots to see many cases of how trying new auction formats result in high savings.

3. Explore a new tool

Chances are that you are currently using all the tools and features in the Scanmarket platform. If not join our Wednesday Webinars or contact your Scanmarket Account Manager in order to find out how another part of the platform can make your life easier.

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4. Test a different eAuction format

Scanmarket’s platform offers a host of different bid types, from CherryLot to Japanese. Despite the number of different formats, it is true that most organizations consistently use the same formats for the vast majority of events. Instead, take a look at this article and pick out a new format to try

Whitepaper download: Reverse vs. Japanese vs. Dutch

5. Find a friend in a professional network

Social media networks can be valuable tools – IF YOU USE THEM. Try using them to find a new friend who might have valuable ideas to share. For example, try searching LinkedIn for contacts with similar titles or the Scanmarket eSourcing group to find others facing similar challenges.

There’s a saying that “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”. Try some of these tactics to inject something fun into your routine. Best of all, you’ll probably end up with some additional savings in the process!

For more information on these approaches or to learn more about how Scanmarket can help you achieve your business objectives, please visit us at or contact your Scanmarket Account manager.

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Betina Nygaard - CEO Scanmarket A/S
Betina Nygaard - CEO Scanmarket A/S
Betina Nygaard is the CEO of SCANMARKET. Betina leads the sales, product development, and operations functions for the company as well as guiding the company’s overall strategy and vision.

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