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We’ve entered a new decade, so I wanted to share with you some of our visions for Scanmarket throughout 2020 and beyond.

Following a momentous 2019 during which we received a major investment from Verdane, Scanmarket used the proceeds to make significant investments in the business and brought on a raft of new customers. We have a plan in place to make 2020 even better with significant advances in several areas that are current top priorities in the industry from contract management to AI and sustainability.

Scanmarket is Growing Quickly

The 2019 investment by Verdane in Scanmarket has given us additional resources to grow and better serve our customers. We are adding team members across the board but especially in software development and growing our team in North America.


A growing team needs more space. In 2019, we opened a new additional building at the Danish headquarters more than doubling our space. If you’re ever in the Aarhus area, we’d love to show it off to you! We also entered new spaces in Holland with our new office in Amsterdam. Despite all the growth, Scanmarket will always remain a company that stays close to our customers where you know our people. We are easy to do business with, and expert sourcing help is just a Quick Call away.

For years, Scanmarket has been advocating the pursuit of a best-of-breed strategy for procurement technology. It looks like the industry has finally come around with best-of-breed becoming the dominant approach. To facilitate this, Scanmarket has further built out our integration capabilities so that different systems can easily speak with each other.

Contract Management

Contract Management is a key focus area for our development teams in 2020. We have already added multiple new functionalities including contract redlining and creation. Look forward to much more information on this front in the near future, including the launch of a fully-revamped contract management module. Want to learn more? Request information here.

Analytics & AI

Analytics and AI are all the rage these days in procurement software circles. While these are exciting and promising developments, a lot of what you’ll hear out there is focused more on generating buzz than delivering results. Instead of leaning on buzzwords and hot trends, Scanmarket’s development teams are working to incorporate AI and more analytics into the platform in a way that actually delivers real business value.

Continued improvements are coming to our Dashboard so users can better configure the Scanmarket platform to how they do their work instead of the other way around. The key to a good Dashboard is getting you the information you need, when and where you need it.


Sustainability continues to increase as a priority for all procurement organizations, especially in Europe. As a software company, Scanmarket is taking steps to manage our footprint, including increased video conferencing in lieu of air travel and making sure our hosting facilities have optimized their energy management systems.

We also asked ourselves: What more can a software company do? How can our platform do good? What is our contribution?

Our clients are major industrial companies and very attractive to suppliers. How do we make it easy for our clients to put sustainability on the agenda for their suppliers early on in the sourcing/negotiation process?

We have recently added new templates for our Supply Base Management and eRFx modules that easily incorporate sustainability questions early so that all stakeholders and trading partners know that it’s a priority for the buyer. Stay tuned for more on this topic soon.

Everything we do at Scanmarket is focused on helping our clients better use eSourcing to meet their business goals. 2020 is no different, just on a larger scale.

We would always love to hear any questions or comments from you! Contact your Scanmarket account manager or reach us at

Betina Nygaard - CEO Scanmarket A/S
Betina Nygaard - CEO Scanmarket A/S
Betina Nygaard is the CEO of SCANMARKET. Betina leads the sales, product development, and operations functions for the company as well as guiding the company’s overall strategy and vision.

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