Meet the Scanmarket Team

As you might know, Scanmarket is a different kind of software company. For twenty years, our strategy has been to balance providing global reach and best-in-class technology with a more personal touch.


Thursday, January 16, 2020

As you might know, Scanmarket is a different kind of software company. For twenty years, our strategy has been to balance providing global reach and best-in-class technology with a more personal touch.

At giant software providers, it’s hard to reach anyone other than your salesperson and your salesperson needs to go through multiple internal channels to find answers. At Scanmarket, we pride ourselves on easy access to our people and no bureaucracy. The best example is our Quick Call service where you get immediate access to an expert eSourcing consultant rather than ending up in a Tier 1 support queue.  

Achieving this balance is not easy. To do so, we have built a team comprised of excellent people who are able to both be experts in their respective fields and also take a broader view as advocates of our customers.
We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to several of the people who make Scanmarket such a unique place.

Mille Host - Director of Consultancy

_DSC7421-2Mille is responsible for Scanmarket’s global consultancy team, which is made up of consultants with hundreds of years of combined eSourcing experience and expertise. She comes to work each day with the mission to ensure that Scanmarket’s customers are getting the most from their eSourcing efforts.

This work is fun and challenging as Scanmarket has a very wide range of Service Offerings including everything from managing large implementation projects, to running training workshops for first-time users to supporting complex, global sourcing events with a million data points.

According to Mille, “Scanmarket is different because it’s personal to us. We care more about making the customer successful than selling the next consulting engagement.”

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One of the best parts of her job is getting to stay with a customer as they grow their own eSourcing capabilities over time. An early customer of Mille’s, a global food company, started running a few eAuctions a year. In the early days, Mille had to “hold their hand” through each step of the process. Over time, this customer has become one of the world’s largest eSourcing users with thousands of events each year. Mille is still in contact with them every week but, instead of training, she now spends her time as a sounding board and sparring partner for the customers’ ideas on new strategies and tactics.

When Mille isn’t helping global organizations become eSourcing experts, she’s busy chasing after her active 1- and 3-year old children and trying to stay in shape by being a spinning instructor and spending some hours on the road and/or mountain bike.

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Matthew Nixon – Head of Backend Development, aka Chief Translator

Matthew Nixon black and whiteWhile “Head of Backend Development” might bring initial thoughts of a techie locked in a server room, Matthew’s primary role is to translate customer business requirements into technical spec’s to be incorporated into the Scanmarket platform. This means Matthew spends most of his time with our customers understanding their needs for today and tomorrow and how they can fit into the development program.

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Matthew thinks of himself as “The Guy in the Middle, the technical guy talking about non-technical stuff.” Starting as a developer and then moving into increasing positions of responsibility across multiple software companies, Matthew believes that the key to Scanmarket’s success is the lack of siloes.

According to Matthew, “Scanmarket is a unique company. We have all these giant customers but still act like a family. Each day, I interact with Sales, Marketing, Finance, Consultants and Account Managers in addition to the developer team. This makes it easier for my team to really understand what the customers need and why our work matters. If someone on my team needs something from Sales, s/he walks down the hall and talks to the Global Sales Director instead of scheduling a meeting weeks in the future. That doesn’t happen at many software companies and it allows us to move much more quickly.”

When he’s not busy turning business needs into outcomes, Matthew likes music and running, often (but not always) combined. Also, he is a gospel-singing, Star Wars super-fan. 

Throughout 2020, we will introduce you to more of the Scanmarket family so you can see why we are a different kind of software company.