Knowledge retention in eSourcing

One of the most challenging factors faced by any organisation is knowledge retention.


Thursday, February 27, 2020

One of the most challenging factors faced by any organisation is knowledge retention.

In order to have continued success, the expertise and lessons learned need to be passed on between team members as roles change. Staff regularly rotate between multiple groups with 2-3 years in each role being common. It isn’t just procurement which suffers from this modern-day challenge. Given that staff rotation is now common practice, retaining best practice tendering processes, structure and communications with suppliers can often be a “bridge too far” for organisations deploying legacy tendering methods such as email.

How can eSourcing help overcome this challenge?  

➢ Taking the Scanmarket tool as an example, all sourcing activity which takes place within the tool is available to all users indefinitely. This allows new staff on the team to review, learn and copy directly from previous sourcing activities conducted by the outgoing buyer. Other team members can copy sourcing activities directly from previous colleagues’ events, allowing them to instantly convert best practice, texts, questions asked, and bid list structures thus retaining a great deal of best practice despite personnel churn.

Take a look at Scanmarket's eSourcing Tool here.

➢ Communication plays a critical role in the tender process. From the initial invitation email-to-tender through to the structure of the text in tender documentation and finally all comms through a tender can be essential information to retain. Through legacy tender methods, these aspects are too often lost with the departure of an outgoing colleague’s email inbox. eSourcing brings the ability to seamlessly search through previous activity to bring all of these aspects forward at the click of a button.

➢ Finally, eSourcing brings a way of collaborative working to the table which is truly unique and special compared to legacy sourcing. Few business tools come equipped with the ability to truly build the capabilities of the organisation and enable continuous improvement with every use. eSourcing brings the ability to create questionnaire libraries, tailor project flows, and enhance procurement templates as just some examples of continuous improvement factors available through such tools. Through a ‘Kaizen’-style continuous improvement mindset and online way of working, buyers are able to retain best practice whilst at the same time ensuring all efforts are channeled towards further enhancing the quality of the platform.

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