Gartner: 4 Major Sourcing Trends for a ‘New Normal’ World

    Major risks transform a relatively predictable world into a “new normal” in which the only certainty is continuous, often disruptive, change. Sourcing, procurement and vendor management leaders must sharply move from their static stance onto dynamic sourcing and its 90-day initiatives.


    After the COVID-19 pandemic, business leaders are accelerating change to cope with the “new normal.” Digital transformation is accelerating in most organizations, while mergers, acquisitions and divestitures (MA&D) will also happen in many organizations.


    CIOs are challenged to cope with massive parallel changes where only achievement of business outcomes, ROI and time to solution count. Long-term initiatives must be broken into agile steps, and CIOS are challenging complacent service providers.


    Bimodal drivers (cut cost while investing in innovation), accrued resilience, risk reduction and risk sharing require far more careful selection of providers, detailed solution co-design, and high-quality relationships.


    Years-long outsourcing negotiations and low satisfaction service relationships that have been the norm for the past 40 years are not suitable for the new normal. Organizations will be challenged to rapidly switch to the new dynamic sourcing and its 90-day agile deals.

    Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 3.24.01 PMClick below to download the complete whitepaper by Gartner to review recommendations for business, IT and SPVM leaders involved in service and solution sourcing strategies. 

    Sourcing Trends


    Glenn S. Danielsen - Director of Strategic Alliances
    Glenn S. Danielsen - Director of Strategic Alliances
    Glenn is a relationship builder who creates strong commercial alliances with customers, thereby maintaining and improving the overall relationships. From March 2017 until June 2019, Glenn Danielsen was responsible for North America sales activities and for turning new potential leads into customers.

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