2018 eAuction Statistics

Scanmarket has released its latest report on eAuction activity on the Scanmarket platform.


Thursday, January 31, 2019

Scanmarket has released its latest report on eAuction activity on the Scanmarket platform.

As an expert in eAuctions, Scanmarket is in a unique position to help you identify opportunities and trends that can inform how you build and execute your sourcing pipeline. 

Overall, savings rates on eAuctions were very strong in 2018. Across all categories, Scanmarket customers saw an average savings rate of 9.68% compared to 9.05% in 2017. 

Among the category-specific findings:

  • Construction continues to be a strong eAuction category with substantial savings for 2018 (20.83%) despite the fact that it might not be the first category many think of in relation to eAuctions
  • Services (Temporary Labor, I/T, Security, etc.) delivered particularly strong results in Q4 with average savings of 21.11%
  • Household and Industrial Appliances showed increased activity and volume in Q4. Sourcing managers responsible for these categories should investigate now to find opportunities based on current market dynamics
  • Freight & Transportation (11.37%) and Iron & Metals (11.37%) remain perennially strong categories in both savings and overall activity
  • The category of Office Supplies continues to deliver reliable savings year in and year out with savings of 22.44% in Q4 of 2018
  • Savings rates in Packaging dropped dramatically in Q4, which could partially be due to higher timber prices and an increase in demand for pallets. 
  • Scanmarket has seen a significant increase in eAuction activity in the Electrical and Telecom equipment category with average savings over 18%.


Information gathered on the Scanmarket platform from the activity of 300+ global organizations can provide a valuable source of intelligence for you as you build out your schedule.

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