Build a Super User eSourcing network, and use it!

Nearly all organisations face challenges related to limited resources within the eSourcing group. 


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Nearly all organisations face challenges related to limited resources within the eSourcing group. 

Many organisations are lucky to have even one ‘eSourcing champion’, much less a team of people dedicated to eSourcing.

If your eSourcing resources are stretched thin, try these tactics:

  • Seize upon early adopters of the technology. Research has shown that a valuable percentage of individuals within an organisation will adopt new ways of working and tools early. These individuals often have the most passion for eSourcing and can be used as regional or even local Super Users.

  • eSourcing is quickly becoming a sought-after skill set in the procurement world. By offering colleagues the opportunity to develop these skills and champion them locally by category or even globally (within a larger organisation), you will gain their support and they will get a valuable career skill.

  • It’s a familiar refrain but communication should be a key focus area when looking to develop an organisational network of key users. Communicating successes, the ability to engage with a new and exciting platform and finally, the ability to develop new skills should be utilized by eSourcing project leaders to galvanize new users to become key local Super Users within the organisation.

  • Finally, senior sponsorship support has a significant impact on the willingness of individuals to come forward as regional champions. When engaging positively with senior leaders, the overall project quickly becomes part of the priority focus areas. This, in turn, will help promote the cause as an area for further support and championing on a local level.

By following the above steps, organisations will significantly strengthen their human eSourcing resource without an additional costly headcount.

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