Advanced Spend Analytics Playbook

    Traditionally, the procurement organization has often been overlooked as a strategic source of competitive advantage. Today, however, technology has supercharged the ability of procurement to deliver added value across the entire organization.

    In this playbook, we examine the uses and potential benefits of spend-analytics tools, how to go about choosing the optimal technology solution, when to choose a stand-alone solution versus an entire procurement-management technology suite, and best practices in implementing spend-analytics technology. Readers will: 

    • Understand why spend management is a top priority for procurement professionals
    • Learn how spend-analytics tools can solve the problems of transparency, multiple data sources/systems, spend-category definitions and reliance on Excel spreadsheets
    • Learn some of the key steps in implementing spend-analytics tools
    • Be able to identify priorities in choosing a technology vendor

    Download the Advanced Spend Analytics Playbook to discover how leaders in procurement are improving labor efficiency and minimizing spend. 

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    David McMinn - VP North American Operations
    David McMinn - VP North American Operations
    David McMinn is responsible for Scanmarket's North America Sales and Operations. David started his career with AutoZone where he spent 14 years in various roles from operating stores to leading the Sourcing department. Then he spent 5 years at Office Depot as VP of Sourcing and 2 years each at Office Max and Unisource as VP of Sourcing. David was also a partner with a start-up company, Manage Mobility for 13 years, before selling to Peak-Ryzex, here he served as SVP North American Operations.

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