A Golden Victory in the 2022 Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant Report

    Named a gold medalist ahead of all other vendors, Scanmarket ranks  #1 in the 2022 Data Strategic Sourcing Quadrant Report for the second year in a row. SoftwareReviews by Info-Tech is a trusted source for unbiased, reliable reviews of the software solution landscape with the core tenants of their reports being the user experience and vendor relationships. SoftwareReviews believes "evaluating enterprise software along these two dimensions provides a comprehensive understanding of the product and helps identify vendors that can deliver on both". 

    According to Software Reviews by Info-Tech, "Scanmarket is one of few strategic sourcing solution providers capable of delivering innovative yet user-friendly quality technology, combined with solid execution, support and services."

    About the Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant

    The Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant Report is an in-depth analysis comparing major players in the sourcing software field and their popular product offerings. This report serves as a buyer's guide to assist prospective purchasers in making informed decisions by leveraging the experiences of actual users. Scanmarket's 8.5/10 combined score places them at the top of the global list of vendors, based on product capability, functionality, ease-of-use and customer support. 

    The combined score is an average of three categories:

    Net Emotional Footprint

    This score is a summation of the overall experience of working with the vendor and the platform. This category evaluates the providers' ability to be true partners with their customers by listening to feedback and creating actionable points for two-way operational improvement.  The Emotional Footprint aspect of this report highlights the trust and ease-of-communication necessary for a dynamic provider-purchaser relationship, ideal for longstanding business. There are 25 data points taken under review which encompass the entire buyer's journey- from initial contracting and negotiation phases, to conflict support and strategy improvement. 

     Vendor Capabilities

    The vendor experience is calculated using averages from customer feedback regarding overall satisfaction tied to capabilities. Some notable categories are: software implementation, training, customer support, product roadmap and the working relationship with the vendor in terms of trust-worthiness, respect and fairness. 

    Product Features & Satisfaction

     Customer satisfaction is measured by combining users’ satisfaction with key features and the likelihood of users to recommend the software to others in their fields. Word-of-mouth has been historically the best method of promotion, so these scores speak volumes as to the trust and level of confidence a customer has with its software provider.

    2022 Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant Findings

    The report finds that eRFx, Spend Analysis, Auction Management, eAuction Functionality and Contract Management are some of Scanmarket's strongest capabilities, resulting in a 100% of users reporting they "Plan to Renew". 

    Additionally,  Scanmarket also places #1 in Product Strategy and Rate of Improvement and #2 in Business Value Created with 92% of  users agreeing they “love” Scanmarket's capabilities and support. Customers described the platform as  “critical” to their professional success with the mindset that "product experience enables productivity."

    Another area where Scanmarket reigns #1 was in Vendor Support  with an 84% satisfaction score, eight points ahead of the second place enterprise. Suffice it to say, Scanmarket customers trust the process, the platform and the provider to allow them to realize organizational potential and meet milestones successfully.

    “Based on the data we collected, Scanmarket users have indicated that they offer a strong balance between having a great relationship with their customers and people finding value in their tools."     

    David Piazza, President of the SoftwareReviews division at Info-Tech.

    Ease of IT Administration and Availability and Quality of Training are also notable categories for Scanmarket, outranking all other evaluated companies. Undoubtedly, the company's commitment to total user-adoption for optimal success was reflected in this tally.  

    Scanmarket also receives a 100%  rating  for Technical and Client Teams, based on customers agreeing they see the following attributes in the organization's operation: 

    • It must work well with its customers: understanding their needs and wants, quickly handle requests and questions, and build a relationship that allows for long-term collaboration.
    • It must ensure that a customer’s needs are fully reflected in the product itself, in terms of features that help them get the job done, accessibility and compatibility, and in user experience.

    Scanmarket's leadership is thrilled at the consensus that both the client service and technical support teams exceed expectations when it comes to professional effectiveness and empathy for customer challenges. This overwhelming recognition highlights Scanmarket's steadfast mission to being "in the business for people",  and proves their personnel are always available to listen to and support their customers. 

    strategic sourcing data quadrant

    Henrik Balslev - Chief Commercial Officer
    Henrik Balslev - Chief Commercial Officer
    Henrik Balslev is responsible for the overall delivery of consultancy and customer services in Europe. In addition to managing many of Scanmarket’s largest customer accounts, Henrik has lead responsibility for sales in the Nordic countries.

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